Why you need to holiday in Istanbul

Choosing the perfect holiday destination in a world full of places to discover is a challenging feat. Understanding your needs and what you want from your holiday is key - do you want to visit somewhere you can bask in the sunshine or is a historical tourist trap more your cup of tea? Why not benefit from the best of both worlds with a much-needed holiday to Istanbul.

Turkey is an incredibly affordable country to travel to and stay in – with an array of affordable food options in a city renowned for its culinary expertise and variety, you’ll be left with your bellies full and ready to explore a city like no other. A city full of culture and colour, Istanbul is the most populous city in Turkey and treats its tourists to a step back into the history books with its spectacular historical monuments and diverse culture. Explore the city and its immense history – dabble in the days of the Ottoman Empire, imagine life as a Sultan whilst taking a walk through the spectacular castles and palaces, explore the city’s plentiful mosques or else take a romantic boat trip down the river Bosphorus. However, you like to pass your time, the vibrant city of Istanbul will have something for you to feast your senses upon.

With western culture collaborating with the east, Istanbul is rich in colour, fragrances and diversity. On the contrary, if you want to combine the excitement of a culture-rich city with a touch of relaxation, then a holiday in Istanbul maybe everything you’ve ever dreamed of – and more. History buff? Delve deep into the architectural delight that is the city of Istanbul. Vibrant bazaars, spectacular palaces and mosques, Byzantine ruins and hummus filled with more than just water. Indulge yourself and book a Turkish bathing experience or else visit one of the city’s many beaches – quieter parts of the city give you the feeling of a beach holiday, all within the distance of the city itself.

Why choose between city or beach, relaxation or cultural indulgence when you can have all of the above in one trip?

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