Pamukkale – The Cotton Castle

Pamukkale is a standout amongst the most exceptional natural wonders in Turkey. The big attraction is a vast white cliff side with scallop-shaped basins of mineral-rich thermal water and frozen waterfalls. It looks as if it is made out of snow or cloud or cotton-balls – a true mesmerizing sight! This antique and unique pool was a result of an earthquake. It’s a weird and wonderful experience to walk along the highest point of the cliff, where centuries of mineral-filled water is overflowing over the snowy edge. Take a dip in the enchanting thermal spring known as Cleopatra’s pool. With collapsed Roman columns at the bottom, and surrounded by excellent blooming blossoms, it is an extremely relaxing experience.

Pamukkale is where nature has assumed the role of the artist and made such great magnificence.

This geological phenomenon is truly spectacular in its own right.

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