Essaouira – The Coastal Gem of Morocco

Explore the amazing city of Essaouira – The Coastal Gem of Morocco. This is a 1000+ years old UNESCO listed medina. The medina is one of the effortless to navigate in Morocco. Meandering around the streets can be one of your favourite activities to do in Essaouira and spending countless hours doing so. Adding Essaouira to any Moroccan trip itinerary almost appears to be a necessity.

The drive into the old part of the city is along the beach hugging the Atlantic. This place is great for swim and sun in high season. Uncover some cool things like feeling the sun, blue sky, the wind, the wide and long beach (must be 2 kilometres), and visit the historic buildings. And that wind is a significant characteristic of Essaouira, which is nearly constant. That is the reason the city is nicknamed as the ‘Wind City of Africa’.

It blows in cooler temperatures pushing away the Moroccan warmth and sand keeping away the sun-chasers who rather set out toward the resorts of Agadir, giving Essaouira only more atmosphere.

Wandering through the port is a must when visiting. On good weather days, the port is bustling and is anything, but a tourist attraction. The boats bring in large amounts of fresh fish available for purchase.

Learn kite surfing in Essaouira. Essaouira has grown these last years as an ideal destination for learning or practising kite surfing and it is also famous for the numerous kite-surfers. A strong wind blows from April to October on Essaouira bay, offering the perfect playground for learner and pro riders.

There are shops everywhere, some for locals and some for tourists. You will find many handicrafts of Essaouira. In fact, the town is particularly famous for woodwork.

Enter the fortress of Sqala de La Ville, a Portuguese and later, French fort. See the full view of the sea and feel the tranquillity from the top of this fort. The sight of water crashing on coastal rocks is absolutely breathtaking.

The air is a mixture of hash, spices, aged buildings, and salt air, creating a unique ambience. The seagulls are a constant sight in the city. In fact, it is difficult to go anyplace and not see or hear the gulls screaming overhead.  There are numerous places around the city for a great viewpoint.  You will find everything beautiful and so peaceful here. Even the cats are beautiful here!

Plan your next tour to Essaouira. If not now, when?


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