Chefchaouen – The Blue Pearl of Morocco

Morocco is a country of incredible colours. Just like Marrakech is known as the Red city, the ‘nickname’ of Chefchaouen city is, ‘The Blue City’ or ‘The Blue Pearl of Morocco’. Chefchaouen is mesmerizing and known for its blue coloured buildings. This is one of the most stunning picturesque cities in the world. You will definitely be wandered, amazed, and …

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Essaouira – The Coastal Gem of Morocco

Explore the amazing city of Essaouira – The Coastal Gem of Morocco. This is a 1000+ years old UNESCO listed medina. The medina is one of the effortless to navigate in Morocco. Meandering around the streets can be one of your favourite activities to do in Essaouira and spending countless hours doing so. Adding Essaouira to any Moroccan trip itinerary …

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