Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm El-Sheikh has been recognized as the finest city in the world for peace and beauty by UNESCO.

Egypt is famous not only for the Pyramids and ancient temples, but also known for the world’s many renowned beaches. Sharm el-Sheikh, situated in the South Sinai region of Egypt, is the centre for beach fun. It is considered as one of the best places to visit in Egypt, especially to the European tourists because of its short distance. You can fly directly to the Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport.

Sharm El-Sheikh has been recognized as the finest city in the world for peace and beauty by UNESCO. This is a well-sorted European-friendly beach resort full of luxury hotels, world-class restaurants, shopping places and diving centres.

The beach with clear water in Egypt

The beach with clear water in Egypt

From the sea adventurers to the trekkers to the mountain areas, Sharm el-Sheikh has lots of entertainment options for all kinds of tourist. The city has two parts – The Bay of Sharm el-Sheikh and The Bay of Sharm el-Maya. The main tourist attractions in Sharm El-Sheikh are The Naama Bay (the heart of Sharm el-Sheikh), Dahab, Tiran Island, and Sharm old town.

Hotel with swimming pool in Sharm el-Sheikh. Egypt

Hotel with swimming pool in Sharm el-Sheikh. Egypt

All these places are popular for hotels, shops, trendy cafes, bars, conference halls, clubs and lively nightlife.

You will enjoy your best Red Sea experience at Tiran Island with the magnificent undersea scenes and the exotic coral reefs. Sharm El-Sheikh offers many opportunities for beach activities including diving, snorkelling and air surfing.

Snorkeling in the tropical sea

Snorkelling in the tropical sea

You can go for a trip to the Ras Abu Galum Protected Area, Monastery of Saint Catharine, the Blue Hall diving ‎spot near Dahab, and Ras Mohamed National Park.

There are options for jeep trips to the Coloured Canyons and Mount Sinai.

Explore Sharm El-Sheikh, chill around the beaches and make some awesome memories to cherish.


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