Amsterdam and Bruges – The Canal Cities

Amsterdam and Bruges are among Europe’s most picturesque and charming cities, with bags of personality, historic treasures and vibrant modern culture to charm all types of traveller.

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Amsterdam is one of the most chilled cities to visit. Start your tour with a stroll down Damrak and onto Dam Square where you can learn about this city’s fascinating history and see its famous structures and landmarks before proceeding to the famous floating-flower-market.

If you are fond of canals and bridges, then know that Amsterdam has more bridges than Venice. And there are 2500 houseboats in Amsterdam built on canals.

Visit places such as the IAMSTERDAM sign and Museumplein – this is where you will find the fantastic collection of attractions like Van Gogh and Rijks museums to enjoy. Capture the moments by taking pictures. Then you can go shopping at your leisure.

A special feature of this city is half the city uses cycles as transport. Even you can hire bikes and cycle around the city.

Continue to the Southwest of Amsterdam –visit Zaanse Schans, a Dutch village, a pastoral polder landscape. Here you will have the opportunity to watch a clog making process and taste authentic Dutch cheeses.


The historic medieval fairy-tale town of Bruges is Belgium’s most cherished destination. In the midst of the cobbled alleys and quaint canals, you’ll find attractive bridges and row of old houses.

Visit The Minnemeer (Lake of Love), art galleries, The Groeninge Museum, and the 13th-century Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk church, famed for its Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child statue. Enjoy the castle surroundings, breweries and roam around the markets. Spend your time to go chocolate shopping or perhaps enjoy some local cuisines.

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